Yoga, green smoothies, and self-help books will only get us so far. For sustainable health, we've got to dig deeper.

You want to combat fatigue, tackle digestive issues, balance your hormones, and feel as healthy as you know you can. You know it's more than diet and exercise (you've already tried that) but the idea of overhauling your life to feel great again is overwhelming.

It’s time to stop throwing gluten-free spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick!

You’ve got symptoms. It’s time to get practical solutions.


How do I go from symptoms to solutions?

That’s a great question! Using a comprehensive and integrative approach, together we’ll go on an investigative journey drilling deep into your background, lifestyle and biochemistry. Then we’ll put the pieces together to tailor a Foundational Wellness Plan covering all the practical areas of wellness so you’ll know exactly what to do to start upgrading your health.

You’ll get personalised support with:

Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Stress Reduction, Self-Care, Supplementation, Emotions, Mindset and more.

Because you need more than a one size fits all approach when it comes to your health!

We’ll utilise the latest in Functional Lab Testing to get to the root cause of your health struggles and set you up with a targeted protocol to address your symptoms head on. You’ll get an education on how your body is functioning, insight on why things ended up the way they did, and an ongoing plan to help you not only get well in the short term, but also stay well in the long run.

You’ll get Coaching Calls (online via video chat) and email check-ins between sessions to help you feel supported. As well as empathetic accountability to help you stay on track.

Because everyone needs a “go-to” person in their corner.


Hey there, I'm Kris!

I’m a multi-modality Functional Health Practitioner and Transformational Nutrition Coach who learned the hard way how to cultivate wellness into my life. Through my own struggles with chronic un-wellness, I've become driven to help other worn-out women get to the root cause of their complicated health issues, so they can get their energy back and move forward in their lives.

Affectionately known as the “Health Detective”, I've been told I go above and beyond to help my clients figure out those niggly health issues they’ve had no luck getting answers for. Because let's face it, we've all got more important things to do than deal with symptoms all day!

“If you have unexplained health symptoms, I’d highly recommend an Integrative Coach to walk you through it. Don’t just wait for things to get better. Proactive health care is so important. Kristi Lees has saved us hundreds of dollars. Or even thousands. From dead ends and searching with no answers. I’m shocked how quickly she could unearth some theories around our symptoms.”

- Beck, Mentor and Life Coach

Are you ready to ditch the health struggles that are holding you back and finally get to the bottom of things?