Getting to the root cause of the health issues that hold you back.

Do you feel like you’re doing all the "right" things and still not getting results? Are you treating a growing list of symptoms but not making any lasting progress? Having trouble getting to the bottom of your health issues because your test results are “normal” and the doctor says you’re “fine”? Are you exhausted, fed up, and over it?

I know the feeling.
I’ve been there myself!



Once upon a time I was an over-caffeinated, over-worked, under-slept, full-of-symptoms-and-no-solutions Personal Trainer, and a less-than-Zen Yoga Teacher. I had zero sense of self-love, and I pretty much never practised what I preached. I looked the part, but I definitely didn't feel it. Long story short, I managed to burn myself out living this way. And not just once!

These days, I’m far more interested in what works for the long term, not just what looks good in the short term. I’ve shifted my focus from how great I can look on the outside to how healthy I can feel on the inside.

The focus of my work is on empowering women like you to discover what’s not working in your life. And on helping you to make holistic and sustainable changes that impact all aspects of your well-Being.

“I have been working with Kristi for the last couple of months and have found her to be highly professional, very knowledgeable, organised and fun to work with. She speaks openly, tells you how it is and is truly invested in wanting to make her clients feel and be better. From first contact with Kristi, it is easy to see she loves her work and that she is very passionate about helping her clients feel their best. Thanks for all your guidance and patience!”

- Ania, Enriched By Light Photography


As a kid, health-wise, I was always dealing with some health issue or another. My gut was unpredictable, my skin was a sensitive mess, my moods were up-and-down, and I never seemed to have the energy my friends did. I battled through over-exercising, under-eating, and low self-worth - all of which eventually led to severe anorexia and to me being hospitalised in my mid-teens.

In my 20's I had trouble sleeping, cried often, and struggled with constant breakouts, daily digestive distress, intense nausea, and constant restlessness. I also suffered from paralysing perfectionism, extreme fatigue, debilitating anxiety and clinical depression. It was not a good time for me - to put it lightly.

Doctors were no help during that time. Most shrugged me off, saying that my test results weren't serious enough to worry about. Specialists told me I’d have to live with my symptoms and Naturopaths that sent me off with bottles of expensive pills and half answered questions. 

Exhausted, frustrated, misunderstood, and over it, I almost gave up. Almost.


Feeling completely let down by the medical profession I decided to become my own Health Detective. I started to investigate what was happening at a functional level and it was there that I finally found some answers.

Through several streams of lab testing I discovered that I was struggling with:

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Hormone Imbalances

  • Food Intolerances

  • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth)

  • Parasites

  • Candida

  • Leaky Gut

  • MTHFR (and other genetic weaknesses)

  • Pyrrole Disorder

  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Finally, my health issues started to make sense!

I also came to realise that my physical state was deeply connected to my mental and emotional state. When I began to focus on my inner world as much as my outer world, things really started to fall into place.   


This 20-year journey led me to further my studies and redirect my professional focus so that I can help other worn-out women overcome similar hurdles to what I’ve been through.

Studying Transformational Nutrition Coaching highlighted the spiritual side of wellness and reminded me how much we can sabotage ourselves in our search for health. Often we know what to do but struggle to do it, usually for underlying reasons that we’re not able to figure out alone. 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition taught me the science. It taught me how to use functional lab testing and lifestyle analysis to get to the root cause of symptoms, and to help real people make real shifts in their health. It also further illustrated for me why diet and exercise alone are never enough.

If we truly want to get well, we need a targeted, personalised healing protocol, based on facts, that also addresses our emotional state. 



  • Advanced Training in Functional Lab Work

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (and current Australasian mentor for this course)

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

  • Wellness Coach

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Training)

  • Diploma in Advanced Nutrition

  • Holistic Fitness Practitioner

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Diploma in Psychology

“I had been wanting to find out about my hormone levels for some time as I suspected they weren’t behaving the way they should. Kristi helped me organise the Adrenal Stress Profile test. The best thing about this was that together we worked through what was happening with my hormones, and she was able to suggest the best supplements and lifestyle advice without me having to spend hundreds of dollars on “hormone clearing” products that actually would’ve done more harm than good! Having someone walk with you through what all the test results meant, as well as getting a comprehensive health history, and being able to decode that, was so incredibly helpful. Had I been to a doctor about this I would have no doubt been dismissed. How do I feel now? Freaking fantastic. If you want a deeper understanding about what’s going on with your mind/body health, I highly recommend getting in touch with Kristi - she most definitely is a Health Detective!”

- Meg, Jeuneora

If you’re struggling to feel as amazing as you know you can, I feel you.

If you're burnt out, frustrated and over it, I hear you. If you’re battling with issues you can’t seem to get to the bottom of, I can help. 

I’ve been there, and I know that “eat more vegetables”, “do more exercise”, “just stop stressing so much” and other platitudes aren’t enough in the face of chronic symptoms.

Let’s work together to fast-track things and find you some answers.

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